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𝙂𝙤𝙙 𝙈𝙚𝙨𝙨𝙖𝙜𝙚 𝙏𝙤𝙙𝙖𝙮: I Hold You Close in My Heart | God Message for You Today | God’s Message Now

my dearest child I hold you close in my heart and I speak to you with love and compassion Trust Me Right Here and Now for you are on a challenging Journey an adventurous path uniquely designed for you I know it's not the path you would have chosen but it is my way for you there are things happening behind the scenes that you cannot fully grasp which is why I implore you to trust me picture this journey as a dense jungle where the path ahead is unclear and the Shadows obscure what lies around you in this Darkness hold fast to my hand for though you may not see me my presence with you is steadfast and unchanging find Hope in me dear one for I am caring for you watching over you every step of the way [Music] I encourage you to focus on enjoying my presence and all that I mean to you even when your circumstances cry out for resolution don't let your problems consume your thoughts or overwhelm your heart instead reaffirm your trust in me wait hopefully in my presence and witness the Wonders I will perform your trials and troubles can be a means to draw nearer to me when distress begins to grip your heart turn it around by coming to me in prayer [Music] let your pain and difficulties remind you of your constant need for me create a collection of brief prayers like help me Jesus fill me with your peace show me your way these prayers are like spiritual nourishment Soul vitamins the more you use them the stronger and happier you will become consider viewing your troubles as opportunities to draw near to me to Rejoice even in the midst of Trials this shift in perspective may take practice but it's essential to quickly shift from dwelling on problems to seeking my guidance through prayer build an arsenal of prayers that you can readily call upon ask the holy spirit to guide you in crafting prayers that flow from your heart practice speaking them to me until they become an integral part of you then when you face any trouble reach into your prayer Arsenal and boldly speak them the enemy will Retreat and I will draw near in the world around you there is both Beauty and darkness look in the right direction towards what is true Noble and lovely [Music] I've created you with the capacity to appreciate Beauty and goodness and your soul is nourished by these blessings as you journey through life you will encounter things that disturb you but don't let them become your soul Focus remember that I am with you and listen to my voice which continually Whispers look the right way remember there is beauty not only in the visible world but also in the Unseen this Fallen World can never fully satisfy your longing for perfection but I am the Fulfillment of that deep desire I am perfect in every way yet I remain close to you as you navigate this imperfect world so look the right way toward blessings toward me and the joy of my presence will illuminate your path I am not just a part of your life I am the very foundation and focus of it all I am an unshakable Foundation that will never crumble before you knew me as your savior you had nothing substantial to build upon every attempt to find meaning ultimately failed but since I became your savior you've been building upon the rock of my presence some things you've built have thrived While others have faltered but you always have a solid place to stand thanks to the foundation I've provided the key to unwavering stability in your life is to keep me always before you when you make me your focus you can confidently walk along the path of Life many distractions will Vie for your attention but I am the guide who leads the way keep your gaze fixed on me and you'll see me beckoning you forward step by step all the way to Eternity my desire is for you to love me to listen to my voice and to cling to me for I am your life the path of wisdom I am teaching you to stay close to me as you navigate treacherous paths in any close relationship listening and loving are crucial and they are intertwined listen to me as I Rejoice over you with gladness and comfort you with my love invite the Holy Spirit to help you receive my glorious love in all its fullness this will deepen your love for me significantly the world is filled with dangers so it is wise to hold firmly to my hand listen through my spirit and my word as I guide you through difficult times pour out your heart to me knowing that I am your Refuge as you maintain an ongoing dialogue with me I will help you navigate whatever lies ahead [Music] cling to me beloved for I am your life learn to live from a place of rest in my presence as the Prince of Peace I am both with you and within you allowing you to choose to live from this peaceful place of Union with me it empowers you to remain calm amidst stressful situations by anchoring yourself in me can face your problems together you and I so there's no need to panic yet the more challenging your circumstances the more tempting it becomes to shift into high gear and forget about my peaceful presence when you realize you've strayed from your place of Peace return to me immediately call upon my name for it reconnects you with me and imparts a sense of safety don't be disheartened by how often you drift from me you're working to form a new habit which takes time and persistent effort however the rewards are well worth your investment the more you return to me to our resting place the more peaceful and joyful your life will be I will restore you to health and heal your wounds I am with you within you and all around you continually at work in your life even when your awareness of me dims my presence continues to shine brightly upon you this light possesses immense healing power therefore dare to ask great things of me remembering who I am I am capable of exceeding abundantly above all that you could ask or think meditate on my Limitless ability to help you it will strengthen your faith and encourage you to pray boldly praying in my name with persistence can accomplish remarkable things learn from the parable of the persistent Widow who refused to give up she kept bringing her petition to a judge who neither feared God nor cared about people in the end her persistence wore him down and he granted her request how much more will I respond to my children who cry out to me day and night though you may have to wait for some time don't give up for everyone who asks and keeps on asking receives he who seeks and keeps on seeking fines when you trust in me you find refuge in me trusting me is not merely a matter of words it's predominantly a matter of your will throughout your day you'll encounter various things that can trigger anxiety including your own thoughts if you're not Vigilant anxious feelings can creep into your day unnoticed when this occurs you might wonder why you suddenly feel low often you dismiss these feelings or try to numb them through various distractions food drink television gossip and more [Music] how much better it is to catch those worry so many thoughts

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