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𝙂𝙤𝙙 𝙈𝙚𝙨𝙨𝙖𝙜𝙚 𝙏𝙤𝙙𝙖𝙮: I AM ALWAYS LISTENING | God Message for You Today | God’s Message Now

my beloved child in your darkest moments when the world seems daunting and uncertain remember that I am here come to me with your fears and worries for I am always listening and I deeply care for you take solace in knowing that I am in control even when the world appears chaotic many things are not as they should be but your yearning for perfect goodness will one day be beautifully fulfilled consider the prophet habach who faced the impending Babylonian invasion of Judah he grappled with the weight of this knowledge but in the end he penned A Hymn of unwavering confidence in me despite dire circumstances he proclaimed yet I will rejoice in the Lord I will be joyful in God my savior feel free to share your concerns with me even wrestle with them but always always remember that the goal is to find a place of unwavering trust and Transcendent Joy you may not comprehend my mysterious ways but you can Discover Hope and assistance in my presence for I am your strength to all who receive me and believe in my name I grant the privilege of becoming children of God there is a deep connection between receiving me and believing in my name which embodies who I am receiving a gift requires openness and I am the most magnificent gift you can receive as your savior God I assure you that eternal life is both real and meant for you being a child of God is a wondrous and glorious blessing I am your savior and your constant companion walking with you through life in this imperfect world I provide not only light for your path but also for your heart and mind I take Delight in filling your life with joy both now and for all eternity your brightest moments on Earth will pale in comparison to the radiant Glory of heaven where you will gaze upon my face in Splendid Splendor and bask in Endless oceans of Love do not be surprised by the Loose Ends and Imperfections in this Fallen World I created Adam and Eve in a perfect environment the Garden of Eden and your longing for Perfection is natural and indeed Supernatural as my follower your ultimate destination is heaven a place of magnificence and Glory Beyond Your Wildest imagination there your deepest longings will find complete satisfaction when the Brokenness of this world overwhelms you lift your eyes to me remember that I the perfect one am with you you share your troubles with me and let me assist you in navigating them seek my guidance to establish righteous priorities in alignment with my will take moments to rest in my presence and offer me worship through worship you shift your focus from the Brokenness of the world to my glorious presence and in worshiping me you participate in my glory if it is possible live at peace with everyone to the best of your ability occasionally someone may oppose you without cause and I do not hold you accountable for such conflicts more often however you may have contributed to the Discord in these situations it is essential to repent for your role in the conflict and strive to restore peace regardless of the circumstances remember the importance of forgiveness both for those who who have offended you and sometimes for yourself my beloved be quick to listen slow to speak and slow to become angry take the time to think through your words and listen carefully to others before responding this practice will help you avoid unnecessary anger and strife whenever you fall short in maintaining peaceful relationships and are at fault do not despair I paid the price for all your sins so that you could have lasting peace with me you are a letter from me not written with ink but with the spirit of the Living God on the tablet of your heart because you are one of my followers the Holy Spirit resides within you he equips and empowers you to accomplish far more than you could on your own do not be intimidated by challenging circumstances or difficult times the third person of the godhead dwells within you consider the profound implications of this truth when you walk in my ways seeking the helper's strength step by step you can achieve much more than you believe possible the spirit writes on the tablet of your heart not only to bless you but also to draw others to me when you are in the company of those who do not yet know me the Holy Spirit can make you a living letter from me one of the most concise yet powerful prayers is help me Holy Spirit use this prayer as often as you need inviting him to bring the truths of the Gospel to life through you a bruised Reed I will not break and a dimly burning Wick I will not extinguish I understand that there are times when you feel weak and helpless like a bent Reed or a flickering flame embrace your weakness and Brokenness for they open your heart to me you can be completely yourself with me because I understand you perfectly as you share your troubles with me I will refresh you and offer you a piece that surpasses all understanding instead of trying to solve everything on your own place your confident trust in me take a break knowing that I am watching over you and working on your behalf my healing Within men you is most effective when you rest in my watchful care even when the mountains shake and the hills are removed my unwavering love for you remains steadfast and my Covenant of Peace endures when you feel weak and wounded come boldly into my presence to receive abundant love and peace do not fret about your inadequacies instead embrace them for they are the perfect link to my boundless sufficiency when you feel feel lacking your natural tendency is to worry the best way to resist this temptation is to acknowledge your insufficiencies openly and thank me for them this frees you from trying to be your own Savior and provider because you are weak and imperfect you need a savior who is strong and perfect a provider who can meet all your needs you access my boundless Resources by being both still and active spending time alone with me waiting in my presence deepens your connection with me I work for those who wait for me accomplishing what you cannot do on your own however there are many things you can do when you carry out your activities relying on the strength I provide I am glorified and you are blessed the next time you feel inadequate turn to me immediately I will lovingly meet you in your moments of need come to me and rest in my presence I am always thinking about you and I desire for you to become increasingly aware of me even when you are busy knowing that I am with you can bring you inner peace this awareness flows from the knowledge that I am with you always it permeates your heart mind and spirit and can fill you with profound Joy do not not fret about your inadequacies instead embrace them for they are the perfect link to my boundless sufficiency when you feel lacking your natural tendency is to worry the best way to resist this temptation is to acknowledge your insufficiencies openly and thank me for them this frees you from trying to be your own Savior and provider b

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