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𝐆𝐨𝐝 𝐌𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐚𝐠𝐞: Open Your Heart | God Message Today | God’s Message Now

my child yesterday I stood with you today I remain by your side and I promise to be with you forever you are wrapped in my cloak of Love cradle gently in my hands for you are deeply cherished by me your safety is my pledge and my love is your protection I want to convey this to you with tenderness and patience for I long for your tender heart to open up to me Let My Words become the strength that sustains you challenges will come for the adversary knows perseverance well they will try to entangle your thoughts to divert your focus from your purpose from your worth they hope you'll open your soul to sorrow to despair but you already know this and you have believed it with unwavering sincerity you are never alone in your battles and you never will be I will defend and lead you to victory like a mighty giant move forward with faith for I will hold you up with my hand and fill you with my spirit your destiny is to be a blessing but above all my love for you will never waver there will be moments when I will ask you to rest for it is crucial that you value your well-being you do but life's distractions can be overwhelming at times I will gently touch your shoulder with my Divine hand and remind you when it's time to rest to pray and to nourish yourself with my word I congratulate and bless you for the time you devote to me each day your attitude and unwavering loyalty amaze me you have learned to seek me with confidence and your grateful Spirit brings abundant healing to your heart and your family do not be disheartened by the opinions of others for you are wise patent and intelligent you know your path because you trust me your heavenly faor many around you see to With Envy witnessing the Wonders unold ding in your life envious souls seek ways to judge you by appearances but I see your heart and I know who you are you know that I love you and if people invent falsehoods against you to hurt you they will have to contend with me fear not my child for I did not forsake you in your dark moments and I shall never do so now as I witness your faithfulness and growth you have made the wisest decision in trusting me with your life and giving me your heart along with your family I love you all you are secure and protected here in my hands this week you will need great courage to support your family and you will succeed knock on every possible door with all your might I am arranging everything the circumstances and the people in their proper places on this day while you listen to me you will feel my power I am assisting you and your victory has already been won I shall deliver it into your hand but I need your faith to be rekindled you must continue to trust and above all believe in yourself many have insulted you with derogatory terms even some from your own family have tried to humiliate you realize that people attack you not only out of hatred but also Envy they perceive that spark in you something truly special but do not focus on holding grudges and even more importantly do not contemplate Revenge if unexpected struggles come your way this week if certain individuals oppose you if you are toiling diligently to earn a living and worry consumes you know that your adversaries want you to lose hope and surrender they want you to discard the progress you have made thus far and abandon my plan I am sending a host of Mighty angels to stand against your enemies keep going my dear child do not falter do not lower your head my presence is with you and no one can harm you no one can defeat you seek me in the morning call upon me at night trust in my power I will be with you on your journey protecting you in the early hours and when you rise once more I Will Stand By Your Side to accompany you together we shall face this week I have decided that you and your family will be greatly blessed it depends on you if you believe and stand firm or if you turn back but I know you well and I know what you will do you will believe in me you will cling to my promise in this week when you least expect it your Victory will arrive you will need me and I will be here you can come to me with confidence whenever you need to speak I will continue to show you with words and actions that I truly love you the end of your sorrow has come the days of Despair are over I want to reveal my affection and tenderness to you open your life to my presence and my love I want you to feel and understand that no one will ever love you as much as I do I know everything that resides in your heart and mind sometimes the pain is so deep that you have contemplated giving up and it has been a long time since you felt the desire to rise and face a new day filled with Vigor and joy but I tell you that this suffering ends today I am renewing your heart offering you the purest love that exists eradicating your Sorrows making you exceedingly happy in this very moment as you listen to me I am relieving your tensions healing your emotions carrying away your pain and completely transforming your heart you will see with your own eyes how I assist and support you in all the things you must do I will envelop you in my love guard you protect you I want you to radiate my strength and power to the world with your joy and smile I am placing special gifts uplifting talents loyal friends and a family in your life who will learn to love and respect you when they witness all the Miracles happening within you they will cease to be envious but do not dwell on holding grudges and most importantly do not think of Revenge if un expected battles come your way this week if some people oppose you if you are working hard to earn your bread and worries fill you your hour for those who are trying to harm you will come they want you to lose courage and hope to discard what you have achieved so far and to abandon my plan I am sending a host of powerful angels to surround you rise and smile my dear child you are very special to me I I love you do not lose hope for I am here to support you and give you the strength to endure I am giving you all the strength I can muster so that you are not crushed by afflictions so that you feel capable of rising of continuing to walk of facing difficulties of continuing to fight you have experienced Triumph and victory before so this situation you are battling today will not overcome you you will not suffer defeat or shame listen to my words and be filled with great courage because you will need it today and in the days to come because of your fervent faith in me you will witness a supernatural Miracle my word has the power to heal your body to provide for your family to meet all your needs your table will never lack bread and joy will abound in your home receive my blessings with a humble heart and in gratitude consider those who are going through tough times use your abundance to help and bless seek to assist those in need and you will witness the windows of Heaven opening filling your home with peace and joy for my true blessin

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