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𝐆𝐨𝐝 𝐌𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐚𝐠𝐞: I WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU | God Message for You Today | God’s Message Now

my beloved child rejoice and be filled with the utmost Joy there is every reason to celebrate for you are on a journey towards Heavenly Glory I have personally borne the weight of your sins and have adorned you with my own righteousness this is the very essence of Hope for you and for all who truly know me as their savior no matter the storms that rage in your life at this very moment your hope in me remains unshaken no force can rent you from my loving grasp in me you are eternally secure keep the Flames of prayer burning especially when you find yourself in the midst of Trials in moments of struggle your connection with me is more vital than ever I understand that stress and fatigue can Cloud your focus so tap into the incredible Wellspring of strength within you my spirit call upon the holy spirit to guide your thoughts and prayers your words need not be eloquent or polished simply let them flow from your heart and your current circumstances as you maintain this constant communication with me I will help you stand firm and remain patient in the face of suffering draw near to me and rest in my presence I surround you like the very air you breathe closer than you can imagine trust me with Every Breath You Take for your need for me is as constant as your need for oxygen never neglect the discipline of abiding in my presence I understand that your mind easily wanders so make the necessary adjustments to return to me with joy and Trust in my unfailing love use my name Jesus to reconnect with me whisper it sing it shout it remembering its profound meaning the Lord saves confuse my name with words of love and Trust let your heart overflow with gratitude as you Ponder all that I am to you and all that I have done for you these practices will draw you closer to me and Usher you into rest within my presence [Music] let the one who boasts boast in this their understanding and knowledge of me in this increasingly complex and bewildering world you are bombarded with information and inundated with demands from all Corners Society the church others and even yourself amid this cacophony it is easy to feel lost and perplexed to discover peace amidst the chaos you must prioritize your relationship with Me Above All Else dedicate time to knowing and loving me as I truly am this necessitates both focused moments with me and ongoing communication throughout your day the Bible offers the clearest and most reliable insight into my nature while the beauty of nature itself reflects my glory elevating me to the highest priority is Clarity to your thinking aligning all other priorities in your life know this my child I am infinitely good and my love endures eternally recognize the Paramount importance of my goodness for your well-being if even the slightest hint of malevolence tainted me you would be in grave peril my unwavering goodness ensures that I always act in your best interest accept this truth as an article of faith for you reside in a deeply Fallen World thus you must walk by faith not by sight as you Traverse the Wilderness of this Earthly existence one of the most effective means of fortifying yourself for this journey is through gratitude and praise expressing your thankfulness and adoration redirects your focus from worries and woes to the Glorious treasure you possess in me gratitude aligns you rightly with me your Creator and savior praise deepens your intimacy with me for I dwell in the Praises of my people the more you exalt me the closer we shall become while you worship remember that my love endures forever [Music] a joyful heart is a powerful remedy for the soul you have every reason to Rejoice for I have triumphed over the world through my victory on the cross I have stripped the world of its power to harm you furthermore nothing you encounter on your life's path can sever you from my love as you contemplate these glorious truths what I have accomplished for you let Joy well up within you and radiate from your very being a joyful heart enriches your spiritual emotional and physical well-being therefore saturate your mind with thoughts of gratitude until your heart overflows with joy dedicate time to praise me for all that I am the source of Every Blessing let me fill you with my light and life for I designed you to be brimming with Heavenly riches as these Divine nutrients penetrate your very core they will strengthen you and enhance your overall health be of good cheer I entered your life to set you free the closer you dwell in my presence the Freer you become by spending time alone with me your awareness of my abiding presence deepens and grows stronger in the intimacy of nearness to me there is healing my healing presence binds the wounds of your past halting their ceaseless bleeding the soothing Touch of my spirit accelerates the healing process in my Holy Light you gain A New Perspective freeing you from the constraints of old unproductive thought patterns as you release the baggage of your past you find increasing freedom I grant Freedom through truth truth about who I am and what I have done for you I also help you confront the truth about yourself and the people in your life if you find yourself ensnared in hurtful relationships I will assist you in transforming or Breaking Free from them addiction has you in its grip I will Empower you to take that first step toward liberation honest acknowledgment of the truth in every Circumstance the truth shall set you free [Music] hope is the anchor for your soul steadfast and secure just as a ship in tumultuous Waters drops anchor in a safe harbor your soul finds Security in the midst of life's storms through hope to be truly effective your hope must be firmly rooted in me the Savior God who willingly bore the weight of your sins after my crucifixion my miraculous Resurrection granted me the status of Living Hope in truth I am more vibrantly alive than you can comprehend when your Hope Is Anchored In Me you partake in my vibrant eternal life one day you will possess a glorified body like mine until then rest rest assured that your Banker keeps you secure even in the fiercest tempests of life whenever you seek me you shall find me my promise to be with you always guarantees that you need never face anything This Promise extends to everyone who has placed their trust in me as their savior however to reap the benefits of this wondrous blessing you must actively seek me in your everyday moments I understand that this can be challenging for the World the Flesh and the devil work tirelessly to distract deceive and discourage you the evil one employs these three dz's to keep you from finding me distractions deception and discouragement [Music] the world teams with diversions designed to pull you away from me so do not despair when you realize your mind is wandered simply return to me with a smile and Whisper my name in loving contentment deception has been one of Satan's favorite strategies since the days of Adam and Eve was pot

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