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𝐆𝐨𝐝 𝐌𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐚𝐠𝐞: I Shall Guide You | God Message for You Today | God’s Message Now

my beloved child I shall guide you on the path of wisdom and lead you along the straightest of Roads wisdom my dear friend can be defined as the art of making sagacious choices grounded in knowledge and life's experiences it is of Paramount importance to unravel the truth and apply it particularly in the realm of decision-making you see I am the way the truth and the life a guide par Excellence I am also the word eternally in the presence of God and indeed I am God the path to wisdom found within the pages of the written word provides guidance of the utmost efficacy therefore devote yourself to the study of my word and remain close to me as you Traverse this world seek out and follow the straightened Lanes I have prepared for you mind you these Lanes may not always be paved with ease but if you you walk in close proximity to me your journey will be significantly less circuitous when you peer ahead you may perceive perplexing twists and turns but when you look back upon the path you've traversed you will see that I have walked with you every single step shielding you from harm removing obstacles and smoothing your way in the midst of this restless and tumultuous World Tranquility becomes increasingly elusive it becomes imperative that you contend for moments of Stillness and Solace with me distractions assail you from every direction as you attempt to sit in quiet communion yet our intimate connection is a treasure worth the fight do not surrender set aside uninterrupted moments to be in my presence focus on a cherish scripture and take deep breaths to unwind your weary Soul remember I am imag U god with you rest in my Serene company releasing your anxieties be still my beloved and acknowledge that I am God the longer you fix your gaze upon me the more you will find Delight in my magnificent splendors and place your trust in my sovereign Authority even when the earth trembles and the mountains crumble Into the Heart of the sea I remain your refuge in my presence you find Transcendent stability as you contemplate the vastness of my power and Glory your perspective shall shift and your problems will appear diminutive indeed in this world adversity is a certainty but take courage I have already conquered the world strive to become increasingly receptive and responsive to my presence for I am always actively engaged in your life instead of endeavoring to bend my will to your own desires relax and observe the marvelous work I am already undertaking live in a state of Readiness eagerly anticipating my perfect timing rest assured I am benevolent to those who await me with hope and expectation beseech me to unveil your eyes to the abundance I have in store for you such awareness equips you to live responsively ever ready to fulfill my will all too often my followers fail to discern the numerous blessings I bestow upon them they become so preoccupied with pursuing other Pursuits that they Overlook the blessings unfolding before them or those on the horizon they forget that I am the Sovereign God and the orchestration of events rests solely within my purview trust me enough to allow me to lead you my dear companion consider Life as a dance one partner leads and the other follows any deviation from this order results in confusion and awkwardness therefore dance with me my beloved Follow My Lead gracefully as I guide you through the intricate steps of your existence understand this I hold the best intentions for you they may at times appear radically different from your own hopes and expectations but rest assured they are undeniably good I am the light devoid of even a trace of Darkness seek my light in all circumstances for I am abundantly present in every moment your task is to remain open to me and to my ways this sometimes necessitates surrendering your own plans and dreams remember and wholeheartedly believe that [Music] my way is Flawless irrespective of the trials it may entail I am a shield to all who take refuge in me when you find yourself Afflicted or filled with fear turn to me and declare Lord I take refuge in you I may not Shield you from all the trials you are meant to face for you play a pivotal role in this world however I protect you from far more dangers and TR than you can fathom so strive diligently to live out the life I have assigned to you all while exalting in your joyful dependence upon me your soul shall find profound satisfaction in this endeavor come to me my beloved I extend a continuous invitation for you to draw near find solace in my presence and fix your thoughts upon me relax and listen as my my love Whispers tenderly in your heart I have cherished you with an everlasting love contemplate this glorious truth I Am With You Always you can build the entirety of your life upon this unshakable Foundation the world you inhabit is in a constant state of flux it offers no Solid Ground upon which to stand thus I challenge you to remain attuned to my presence as you journey through your day you may not achieve this perfectly but when you ask I shall Aid you pray Jesus Keep Me conscious of your presence let these words resonate within your heart and mind drawing you back to me whenever your thoughts wander the more of me you invite into your life by staying close to me the more joy you shall find and the more I can bless others through you love is patient note that the very first attribute the Apostle Paul uses to to describe love is patience I hold this quality dear in the hearts of my followers even though it may not always be prominently displayed in the portrayals of love in the 21st century patient individuals maintain their composure while enduring extended weights or confronting challenging people and situations I encourage you to introspect observing how you respond to moments of waiting and adversity this self-examination will serve as a barometer of your patience which is in essence an expression of Love patience is ranked fourth among the fruits of the spirit my spirit stands ready to nurture this crucial character trait within you especially as you beseech him some Believers may be hesitant to pray for patience fearing that I will respond by subjecting them to severe suffering and trials however suffering serves a noble purpose in my kingdom and trials are a part of the journey they come to prove the authenticity of your faith resulting in Praise Glory and Honor unto me allow my peace to safeguard your heart and mind remember I am near and rejoice in my enduring presence dedicate ample time to be with me presenting your requests with a heart filled with gratitude this is the path to receiving my peace the peace that surpasses all understanding it is a collaborative effort one in which you and I work together you never confront life's challenges alone for those who believe in me Solitude is an illusion a perilous one that may lead to despondency or self-pity the adversary along with his minions Endeavors tirelessly to obscure your awareness of my

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