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𝐆𝐨𝐝 𝐌𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐚𝐠𝐞: I AM ALWAYS HERE WITH YOU | God Message for You Today | God’s Message Now

my beloved let us speak intimately for I am always here with you and your concerns are close to my heart worry dear one often stems from thinking about things at the wrong time I have gifted you with an incredible ability the capacity to observe your own thoughts thus you can monitor your thoughts and make choices about them serve your mental and emotional energy timing is crucial reflect upon this when you Ponder certain matters at inappropriate times such as when you lie in bed it's easy for worries to take root to counter this I encourage you to keep a watchful eye on your thoughts instead of allowing anxious thoughts to take hold when you're deeply troubled interrupt them and change the subject discipline your mind to minimize worry and maximize worship although it requires ongoing effort this path leads to Freedom when you notice thoughts invading your mind at the wrong time worry some thoughts when there's nothing you can do take Swift action remind yourself not now and direct your thoughts toward me draw near to me by expressing your trust and love for this is worship know this dear one my steadfast love never ceases and my mercies are endless renewed every morning I understand your struggle to believe this truth especially when your problems and pain seem Relentless today but I am here tenderly present ready to guide you through this day embracing this truth can make all the difference between merely coping and giving in to despair on days when everything seems reasonably well it's effortless to trust in my steadfast love yet when unexpected challenges arise trusting me demands more effort such times recall that each morning you receive new Mercies as you dress for the day remember that I have clothed you in garments of salvation clad in my robe of righteousness you are on a path to Glory this is a remarkable Act of Mercy rescuing you from the brink of Despair and setting you on the journey to eternal life no difficulty today can compare to this merciful gift of everlasting life [Music] remember I watch over all who love me take comfort in This Promise of my watchful care especially in trying times this assurance is for you because you love me while loving me doesn't earn you my protection those who belong to me and are under my care are the ones who love me a response to my love for you in moments of extreme danger and despair even the bravest adults may cry out for their parents help an instinctive response rooted in childhood memories when fear overtakes you yearning for the protection of someone bigger and stronger is natural be assured that I am always Watching Over You Like a Shepherd watching over his flock although you may sometimes feel alone and unprotected trust that I am with you communicate with me freely pouring out your heart this will make you aware of my watchful loving presence lean on me dear one as you face the circumstances of this day people lean on various things physical strength intelligence Beauty wealth achievements family friends and more while these are gifts from me to be enjoyed relying solely on them is risky as each can falter when circumstances are challenging and you feel weak it's tempting to obsess about navigating the day ahead this consumes your time and energy diverting your focus from me when this happens ask me to open your eyes to my presence picture me standing nearby my strong arm extended toward you ready to help do not pretend to have it all together or be stronger than you are instead lean heavily on me allowing me to Bear most of your weight and a honest with your problems rejoice in me your strength and worship while you lean on me direct your full attention to what I am doing right now do not fret over what may or may not happen tomorrow though it sounds simple it runs counter to human Nature's desire to maintain control and foresee the future people long to predict the future and some even claim expertise in this area for profit however the future is in my hands and you need not worry about it attempting not to think about something is usually ineffective and counterproductive efforts to stop thinking about a matter tether you to those thoughts instead Break Free by focusing on me and my work in your life I am your living savior continuously at work in new ways what often binds people to thoughts of the future is fear of what tomorrow holds and whether they can handle it but remember this when the time comes I will help you face whatever challenges arise praise dear one will carry you victoriously through this day when you worship me you connect with me in a profound way that transcends time and circumstances in your Praises I find my Dwelling Place and you find your purpose living and moving and having your being in me praising me draws you into the depths of my presence where you catch glimpses of my power and Glory oppression fear and self-pity dissipate when you engage in heartfelt worship these emotions along with the evil one in his demonic forces flee from such glorious praises therefore it is wise to praise me but above all remember that you praise me because I am worthy to receive honor glory and praise the Bible is replete with commands to offer me praise regardless of how dark and challenging your day may seem the light of my presence will shine through the darkness as you worship me this glorifies me and enables you to rise above your circumstances Victorious rest assured I go before you and I will be with you therefore do not be afraid or discouraged for I your loving savior am also the infinite God omnipresent present everywhere at once this allows me to lead the way ahead of you while remaining steadfastly by your side the promise of my presence endures for all time no matter where you go or what challenges you face this is the foundation of your courage and confidence although fear and discouragement May occasionally sneak into your heart they have no rightful place there your heart is my dwelling place and these emotions do not originate from me in fact my perfect love casts out fear so periodically check your heart for the presence of fear and discouragement if you find them intruding ask the Holy Spirit to remove them and let my promise to go before you and be with you renew your hope seeking to please me is a Joyful Way To Live without faith it is impossible to please me you must genuinely believe that I exist and that I reward those who earnestly seek me living to please me is a wise investment not only for Heavenly rewards but also for daily Joy on Earth I am meant to be the center of your existence the sun around which you orbit when you live this way enjoying me serving me Desiring to please me you remain in your rightful orbit self-centered living on the other hand leads you astray the challenge lies in keeping me Central in your actions words and thoughts this battle begins in your mind so work on taking every thought captive and making it obedient to me study my word to learn what p

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