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𝐆𝐨𝐝 𝐌𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐚𝐠𝐞: Come to Me as you are | God Message for You Today | God’s Message Now

[Music] my dearest child I Am The God Who strengthens you and makes your path safe come to me as you are with all your sins and weaknesses confess your sins and ask me to cast them away from you as far as the East is from the West stay in my presence where your inadequacies are fully visible ask me to infuse you with strength seeing your weaknesses as empty jars ready to be filled with my power thank thank me for your insufficiency for it keeps you dependent on me rejoice in my infinite sufficiency I am the one who secures your path shielding you from worry and excessive planning instead of fix itting on an unknown future be mindful of me as you journey through each day keep in constant communication with me and my guiding presence will keep you on corsy I will go before you and besede you removing obstacles from your path trust me to make the conditions on your journey the very best for you do not fear for I am close beside you guarding and guiding you every step of the way though I am always with you there are moments when you may not sense my presence fear can serve as a wake-up call urging you to reconnect with me when anxiety Creeps in take time to rest and let the warm War light of my presence shine upon you and within you as you relax in the Embrace of my love light that cold hard fear will begin to melt away respond to my love by affirming your love for me and your trust in me remember that I am a God who guards and guides if you only knew the harm I protect you from you would be astonished my most significant protection is over your Eternal Soul because you are my follower your soul is secure in me no one can snatch you from my hand furthermore I lead you along the path toward Heaven I will be your Guide to the very end living in close communication with me can offer you a foretaste of Heaven it is a wonderful but demanding way of living that requires both spiritual and mental concentration David in the Psalms spoke of this marvelous way of life declaring that he had set me always before him as a shepherd He had amply time to seek my face and revel in my presence he discovered the beauty of Da Leed with me always before him and beside him I am training you to live in this manner as well it's an Endeavor that requires persistent effort and determination but far from detracting from what you are doing your closeness to me will Infuse your activities with vibrant life whatever you do do it for me with me through me in me even the most mundane tasks can shine with the joy of my presence when you do them for my glory ultimately nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate you from me so this delightful journey of you and I together can continue throughout eternity release the illusion of controlling your life when things go smoothly it's easy to believe you are in charge but the more you see yourself as your own Master the harder you'll fall when challenges arise enjoy the times of smooth sailing but resist becoming addicted to the sense of Mastery over your life storms will come and uncertainties will Loom if you cling to control and demand that that everything goes your way you're likely to falter in the face of adversity I'm teaching you to trust in me at all times for I am your Refuge adversity dismantles the illusion of control setting you free when your circumstances in future are shrouded in uncertainty turn to me find your security in knowing me the master who governs the storms of your life and all things when anxiety weighs heavily upon you seek solace in me I offer consolation Comfort compassion empathy help encouragement reassurance and relief all you need is found in my love in arms yet when anxiety Rises your natural tendency is to focus on yourself or your troubles neglecting my presence and all the help I can provide such worldly Focus only deepens your anxiety let the discomfort of anxiety be your alert to reconnect with me whisper my name and invite me into your struggles seek my face and find comfort in my compassion and empathy look to me for encouragement reassurance and help I understand your problems fully and I know the best way to address them as you rest in my loving presence I will strengthen you and provide relief from anxiety I assure you that nothing in all of creation can separate you from my love my consolation is filled with blessings beloved bringing joy to your soul I am a shield for those who take refuge in me when the world seems unsafe and menacing remember this precious promise I personally shield and protect all who make me their Refuge the their Sanctuary amidst trouble finding refuge in me involves trusting in me and pouring out your heart to me no matter what is unfolding in your life it's always the right time to tell me that you trust me sometimes you will need to address the demands of your circumstances before pouring out your heart to me whisper your trust and wait for the right time and place to express your deepest emotions when the moment is right speak freely in my presence this Rich communication will provide real relief and strengthen your relationship with me illuminating your way forward my shielding presence is continually available to you when fear threatens to overcome you turn to me and say Jesus I take refuge in you walk with me in close trusting bonds of Joyful dependence the companionship I offer is adorned with precious promises from the Bible I love you with a perfect Everlasting Love I am always with you every nanc of your life I know everything about you and I've already paid the penalty for all your sins your inheritance is kept safe in heaven never to perish spoil or fade I guide you through life and afterward I will take you into Glory dependence is an inescapable aspect of The Human Condition many try to distance themselves from their neediness striving for an illusion of self-sufficiency yet I designed you to rely on me constantly and you can find joy in your dependence on me recognizing and embracing your dependence heightens your awareness of my loving presence drawing you closer to me and enhancing your enjoyment of our time together I invite you to commune with me in more more and more moments of your life walk joyfully with me along your life's [Music] path let my unfailing love be your comfort Comfort eases grief trouble imparts strength and offers hope the best source of these blessings is my love which will never ever fail you no matter what's happening in your life my love can console you and lift your spirits but you must take the initiative to turn to me for help I am always accessible delighting in providing everything you need I understand you completely and fully grasp your circumstances my understanding surpasses your own so refrain from excessive introspection looking Inward and leaving me out when you realize you've done this turn to me with a simple prayer help me Jesus remind yourself that I am the most critical factor in the equation of your life relax in my loving

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