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𝙂𝙤𝙙’𝙨 𝙒𝙤𝙧𝙙: Close to My Heart | Today’s Message of Love

my beloved child listen carefully to what I tell you today the trial you have been going through has come to an end do not be sad any longer have faith regain your strength and smile for days of peace and prosperity are coming into your life [Music] not the kind the world offers but abundant grace and blessings I don't want you to think of yourself as a loser get used to thinking of yourself as a Victor and believe in my promises believe in my word with them you can attain all kinds of Supernatural blessings that you may not see right now but they are real [Music] your time has come because Despair and problems are fading away I will reward you for all the effort you put into stand firm and not stumble in the face of the obstacles the enemy place it in your path your reward is coming expect it the crown of Victory and the peace that flows only from my Throne you will soon receive just be brave and use your days your energy and the resources I provide wisely I love you my child and with love I tell you not to be sad anymore smile because what I am telling you is true if there is any negativity within you cleanse yourself of it shake off the dust and rid yourself of all doubt and fear for I will clothe you with true Purity and healing remember that you have a purpose and a destiny to fulfill don't live like those who lack faith those who allow the voice of problems to consume their lives or those who seek happiness in fleeting and vain things meditate on what I am telling you today because today marks the beginning of your days of Happiness days of blessings where Miracles and Supernatural things will manifest in your life all the pain suffering and trials you were going through are ending today the miracle I place in your hands will transform your family your future your finances and your character your entire life will not be the same I love you my child here is your solution the key that opens the door to your miracle and blessing please receive my word for it is alive and effective it will cleanse you of all that is wrong healing and destroying the false ideas that have taken root causing so much discouragement and pain in you receive what I am telling you today and trust in me I will multiply your strength your faith and all your blessings throughout the years I have watched over you with love I've seen you navigate this world feeling every beat of your heart and every sigh that escaped your lips I've always been by your side regardless of your state condition or shortcomings my love for you has remained faithful and unconditional I could never distance myself from you for I love you and no sin or imperfection can diminish my love or compassion for you know that you are my greatest treasure my perfect creation and I am always with you in every step of your life I've witnessed your inner struggles your hidden fears and your silenced sorrows I know every thought every tear you've shed every shared laughter every challenge faced and every achievement reached my heart has always been next to yours overflowing with joy whenever I've seen you thrive and grow [Music] because I know you have a unique and special purpose in this world that's why I tell you today my child that there is nothing you can hide from my love even in your darkest moments my light will shine to guide you towards truth and Redemption I will always be with you holding you in my arms when you feel weak and defeated I will be the one to lead you into the light when you are in darkness there is no place you can go where my love cannot reach you no depth you can descend to where my love cannot find you Like a Shepherd seeking a lost sheep I will tirelessly search for your lost heart to bring it back into the fold of my eternal love no distance is too great for me to Traverse and no barrier too high for me to overcome for my love is higher than the heavens and greater than the universe itself so my child on this day I want you to know that I love you and my blessing will always accompany you I will pour out my gifts and Grace upon you abundantly wherever you go you will carry my favor and protection with you my mighty hand will cover you in times of difficulty and support you in moments of trial no matter how many times you fall I will be there to lift you up and give you the strength to carry on you will never be alone for I will fulfill my promises within you my presence will envelop you like a mantle bringing you comfort in your darkest hours I want you to trust me completely knowing that I will always work for your good remember that my plans for you are of prosperity and hope for I desire that you prosper in all things I will never abandon you on your journey toward fulfilling Your Divine Purpose I will always be with you even when you don't feel my presence because my love is constant and never ending always remember that you are my beloved treasure and nothing in this world can separate you from my love neither height nor depth nor anything else in all creation will ever be able to separate you from my unfaltering love so stay strong my child keep moving forward without losing heart and be assured that you will lack nothing neither you nor your family for I will fulfill my promise to bless you abundantly no matter how deep you may have fallen I will always be with you my beloved child [Music] I know you are weary and feeling weak on the verge of defeat and perhaps you even think I have abandoned you that I am far away but hear me I have not left your side and I am not distant from you I am here to help you to fight your battles and to provide answers to your questions and solutions to your problems no matter how dire your circumstances how many wrong turns you've taken or how overwhelming your situation may seem I will always be ready to forgive you offer you a fresh start my love for you is unconditional and eternal nothing can separate you from it I want you to know that you are not alone I am here to guide you and support you no matter how bad things may appear I'm here to lead you on the right path to be your way your truth and your life I will never leave you even when you feel lost don't let your failures and past mistakes Define you instead trust my words and believe in what I'm telling you today surrender your life to me and let me carry your burdens and ease your worries I am your God and I will always take care of you don't give in to adversity or let the pleasures of this world govern your life react and repent from your wrongdoing which has only brought chaos and destruction into your life be humble turn your heart completely to me and I will help you overcome every challenge my love for you is unwavering and there is nothing too difficult for me to handle remember I once told you that if you have faith as small as a mustard seed you can move mountains nothing is impossible for those who trust in me so my beloved child lift your hands to the heavens and receive my favor Grace and blessin

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